Maysr… More Gucci Game than Gucci Mane


 This article in Mook Life talks about our friend Maysr’s obsession with Gucci. Don’t forget that you can catch Maysr live tonight alongside Blaster and Jinx for Judge Dread 3 at Blue Dog, 3958 St.Laurent, Downtown Montreal. Free All Night Long!! Part of Chuurch every Sunday

When he’s not busy spinning riddims at the club, crafting wildstyles on walls or playing with his son, Maysr is stepping up his Gucci game. You’ll easily catch him on the Main, dipped from head to toe, walking with his son who himself has gear matching his father’s. Maysr has an arsenal of exclusives in bank, from wallpaper to stuffed animals, the meaning of collection has reached an all new level. We connected with the man at his crib, and discussed the mathematics behind this addiction in between shots of Patron and bites of BBQ’d steaks. All you rappers and posers step aside, all-over prints and Red/Black/Green color schemes is no longer a trend or fashion… out here, it’s become religion.

Mook-Life: Whats really good? Tell me a bit about where you’re from and where you grew up, and how it made you what you are today.

Maysr: I grew up in Montreal. More importantly, I grew up in NDG. Even MORE importantly, I grew up below the tracks in NDG. NDG made me exactly what I am today, it’s such a diverse and amazing neighbourhood and I’m so happy I grew up there. In the early to mid 80′s my first little crew was Jamaican Jamal, his older brother was always in and out of jail and it was so normal for him that he would just tell me that like it was nothin’; the first few times it blew my mind (i was like 6 at the time) but then it became normal. There were also these two brothers and one sister who were half Chinese and half white, these two Indian brothers who would always leave their house cause their parents were fighting (later I found out that dad used to beat the shit outta mom and the kids too), Tony Baloney who was this Italian kid with a mental condition (but we never realized this till we were like 10, we always just thought he was wacky Tony Baloney) and Nicky Ciambella, my best friend with a huge italian family. Dude, I ate sooo much good food growing up on Hampton Street and was exposed to so much diversity right off the bat.

Then came the 90′s. I can write a whole book on growing up in NDG in the 80s and 90s but lemme just give you one last example of the type of people that come out of there. There was this kid Nolan Mcfarlain, an Irish dude who grew up with Italian kids and in our mid teens he would yell things to me in a thick italian accent(keep in mind hes Irish) like “Hey bro, cut your fuckin’ hair you fuckin’ faggot, bro!” I would reply something along the lines of “Listen guy, keep running your mouth and I’ll box you in yuh bloodclaaaaaat face!” and nobody would bat an eye. Cultural confusion was common and accepted. I had a slight jamaican complex in my late teens to early 20′s. I don’t have a drop of jamaican blood in me.

Mook-Life: Explain how your passion for Gucci started and what it is that attracts you to this brand.

Maysr: Right off the bat i gotta tell ya it has nothin’ to do with high end fashion. I love classic hip hop fashion and culture in general and I find the whole Dapper Dan era so intriguing. I love custom shit and think taking bootleg fabric of high end companies like Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton etc and incorporating it into streetwear is genius and expresses that “I dont give a fuck” attitude. Who cares if it didnt come from the Gucci factory in Italy, take that shit and make it yours! It’s not like Gucci is gonna make a 34 length over sized leather jacket with your rap groups name on the back in Gucci print with matching leather pants….but Dapper Dan did!

On top of that, I love brown and beige. My whole house is in that tone, 80% of my wardrobe is brown and beige, I love painting with those colors and just feel comfortable being surrounded in brown and beige. So Gucci brown and beige print is really appealing to me.

My obsession with Gucci stems from my passion for old school hip hop fashion and the appealing look of the fabric but it has blown out of control to the point of collecting just to collect. For example, I just paid $40 for a Gucci bar of soap that I’ll probably never take out of the package and use but knowing I own it satisfies me for some reason. It’s a guilty pleasure that still confuses me.

Mook-Life: What do you think of Gucci Mane?

Maysr: I think hes amazing!! Why? cause hes the worst rapper alive and I just heard him say “She wish she never met me, she wanna catch amnesia/ Gucci mane crazy, I might pull up on a zebra.”
Thats why. burrrr.

Mook-Life: Bootleg vs Real deal. Your thoughts.

Maysr: When it comes to quality of clothing; shoes, belts and bags… definitely real deal. But is Gucci really gonna make a garbage can for my bathroom? No, but some guy in China will (and did, for that matter)! What I put over everything though is custom. Like I say, I love beige Gucci fabric and Gucci isnt gonna team up with the makers of ‘the Snuggie’ and put Gucci fabric on it. So I’ll buy the Snuggie, holler at a homie in China to send me a roll of fabric and get a girl to lace it up! My all over print Gucci jacket would never be in a Gucci collection so i had it made for me. I’m trying to have a toilet seat cover made but one girl who used to do some of my sewing cut me off and wont hook me up anymore cause she thinks I’m just pushing it too far… Hi Cara!

Mook-Life: How do you see the fashion scene in Montreal right now as to people rocking Gucci. Anyone else out there rivalizes you when it comes to having exclusives in gear?

Maysr: Nobody does it like me, at least if someone does, I haven’t met them yet. Nobody goes to the extents I’ve gone to to have things made for me that Gucci doesn’t even make. Who buys converse all stars for his kid and gets fabric cut and sewn on cause Gucci doesn’t make dope kids shoes? Me! Who has gone all the way to China to find strange Gucci pieces? Me! Not Italy, China!!! hahaha….

Mook-Life: I see your kid rocks Gucci, is he a fan?

Maysr: I’m not trying to raise a kid to be obsessed with labels. That’s ridiculous. I am his dad so of course he’s got a few outfits and pieces and it’s all over our house so he knows the pattern, but the last thing I want him to think is that Gucci is any better than anything else.

Mook-Life: I know how I’m gonna dress at my own funeral (long tee and a doorag), you got any plans on which gear you’re gonna rock when they bury you?

Maysr: I’d dress like Bon Jovi in 1986. Don’t ask me why, it’s just like that yo.

Mook-Life: Tell me about a few of your most prized Gucci pieces in your collection and what makes them special.

Maysr: My favorite items are the strange, out of left field items like my stuffed puppy and teddy bear, the Playstation controller covers… things like that. A bootlegged Gucci pen holder in the shape of a boot with matching lighter rivals any $600-$900 pair of shoes i own.

Mook-Life: If you could throw a brick through any store window and go looting, which one would it be?

Maysr: You ever go to Honest Ed’s in Toronto?? It’s the best! It’s like a Zellers for people who cant afford to go to Zellers and it’s got better stuff! It’s like a super high class dollar store! It has everything a human needs for practical living. Seriously, if I had to choose one store to shop at for the rest of my life it would be Honest Ed’s. Whenever I’m in Toronto, I always go to the Gucci store on Bloor and Honest Ed’s. I walk out of the Gucci store with something only a fraction of the time… but with Honest Ed’s, I always walk out with something. Just last week I bought those Chinese spoons and a pack of baby wipes.

Mook-Life: Do you keep up with Gucci’s seasonal catalogue?

Maysr: Yeah I do, I’m on a mailing list and get to peep all the new stuff dropping every season and when there’s something I like and if I think its worth the money, I’ll cop it. But honestly, Gucci doesn’t make much that suits my everyday dress code. I’ll cop a pair of kicks every once in a while cause they do come out with fresh shoes often… shoes that I can rock with a pair of Levi’s and a white t shirt, but their jeans are too tight most of the time. I don’t wear dress shirts (I actually have a Gucci one but I’m still waiting for the day to wear it). They have some nice winter coats that come out every once in a while but I’d rather feed 10 families in India for 3 months than buy a jacket. I’ll cop functional items and accessories like scarves, belts, shoes, and strange things (example: a bar of soap, mouse pad) or vintage pieces but other than that, it’s all custom or weird bootleg things.